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1984 - Grenada: The Future Coming Towards Us

The filming was completed shortly before the tragedies of October 1983 in this colorful work produced by the Caribbean Research Institute. John Douglas produced, filmed and edited the full-color work, and was producer along with Carmen Ashurst. Vinie Burroughs is the narrator of this 55-minute film. The film is listed as a documentary on the Grenadian Revolution, traces Grenada’s early history, analyzes the impact of European colonialism and explain the evolution of modern Grenadian society. Much footage of Grenadians - [the executed] Maurice Bishop, Caldwell Taylor, Dessima Williams, Valerie Cornwall, Candia Alleyne, Bernard Coard, Phyllis Coard, [the murdered] Fitzroy Bain, George Nurse,

Sadly this only seems to be a few clips rather than the full documentary.  This site is a useful (and…old-school design) resource that I looked at a few years ago, but I am really still in need of primers.  And seeing writing and footage during a revolutionary process provides us with views that aren’t tempered (however wisely) by the intervening years, changing power dynamics and agreed narratives.

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